E-Learning Portal

1. Develop and choose a time that is convenient for you to study and stick to that schedule as if it were live classes. Avoid handling any other tasks during this period.

2. Take advantage of interactive tools. You can communicate with the course coordinators and facilitators via the NAKPC contact number or email.

3. Find your ideal study environment which would help you to focus on the course to avoid distractions. This will endeavour you to finish the course schedule within its time frame.

4. keep your study materials organized and try to incorporate offline study materials were possible in the absent of internet.

5. Download and print your course materials were possible. Although it is a traditional way of studying, but it is still an effective means of learning in our environment.

6. Find friends that are interested in the courses or connect with other students through the NAPKC facebook group. Discuss the courses and run it together. This is a useful way in encouraging each other to do the course effectively.

Link to: E-Learning Portal