Pre-Deployment Training (PDT)

The Centre conducts a 4-week Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) for all units earmarked for peacekeeping missions. The content and extent of the course are tailored to suit the needs of respective operation, but the objective is always to prepare personnel so they can perform their tasks effectively upon arriving at the mission area. Troops are exposed to exercises to develop their physical fitness in order to withstand the pressure of tasks in foreign lands and often hostile grounds. PDT also includes training to develop organisational, leadership and decision-making skills, all of which help the troops work as a team and efficiently carry out their mandates, even under less favourable condition.

PDT is mission specific and the curriculum is designed to conform to the type and location of the mission. The training is intense. It not only reinforces and refines the skills troops have acquired so far, but also ensures they are fully trained in the use of any specific vehicles, technology or weapons systems they will be using in the mission area. The Centre also prepares them to deal correctly and appropriately with the local nationals they are likely to meet.

All Nigerian Army units earmarked for Peace Support Operations undergo their PDT at the NAPKC location in Jaji-Kaduna. Nigerian Signals (NISIG) contingents are however trained at their location at Ojo Cantonment, Lagos. Likewise, units earmarked for African Led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA) undergo additional acclimatization training in semi-arid climate of Sokoto, in the north-western part of Nigeria. Such acclimatization training is conducted by the Centre’s Mobile Training Team (MTT). So far, the units trained at the Centre have justified the efforts invested in their training, as evidenced by their performances in the missions, despite the peculiar challenges they faced in peacekeeping environments.